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9xFlix – In the world, there are two types of people, the first one is the good one, and the other one is the bad one. The good people will try to create something new and work hard to make that a success, but the bad ones will try to do illegal stuff and hope to get as much success as good ones.

A similar thing is happening in the digital world. You will find original content creators on one side and copycats on the other side. We are talking about the fight of legal movies-on-demand platforms such as Netflix versus 9xFlix, which is a piracy website.

As more and more people are joining digital platforms, websites like 9xFlix are also increasing. Owners of these websites find it is easy money, and they don’t care about original creators after content.

What is 9xFlix?

9xFlix is an illegal website where users can download movies and TV series very easily. As per the website, currently, the platform has more than 2000 movies and 100 plus for them.

Users can download and later share these movies, add websites without any of these movies, and websites without any cost. If you go with original movie on-demand platforms such as Netflix Amazon prime videos, you will have to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee.


Unique Features of 9xFlix

You might already know that 9xFlix is not the only website where you can easily download movies and web series. There are other big names in the industry.

To attract more users, every website has some advanced unique features. Let’s talk about a few features of 9xFlix.

Easy Categorization

Unlike other piracy websites, 9xFlix has done easy categorization of all the movies on its platform. You can easily find movies by using alphabets, which is one of the unique features that you won’t get on any other platform easily.

Other than that, you can also refine your search by selecting Hindi movies as your primary category. In this category, you will get all the movies in Hindi. They have a section of dual audio that clearly tells that the movie is going to have more than one audio file.

If you are a fan of web series, there is a special category on the top of the website where you can easily find all the web series in just one place.

Report That Link

Even though it’s a piracy website, the developers of the website make sure that all the links are working perfectly and users are not getting in any trouble while downloading the movies.

That is why there is a dedicated button where you can easily report any deadlink. If you try to download any movie or web series and the file has been removed by the file-hosting service or the link has expired, you can report it back. Developers of the website claim to reupload or remove the dead link within two days of reporting.

Special Request

Other websites won’t allow you to request, especially for one movie or web series. But, the developers of 9xFlix have given an option to contact the developing team.

The team will try to upload your requested movie if available in Two days. It is one of the unique features which other websites either miss out or don’t even have.

Epic Collections

On the website, there is a collection named epic collection, which has all the movie series in one place. For example, if you are a fan of Harry Potter, you can easily find all the movies in just one place. You will find Mission Impossible, Spiderman, James Bond, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Hunger Game movies in just one place. 

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Download a Movie on 9xFlix

9xFlix is an illegal platform that you should not use. Police may press charges against you for downloading illegal content and later sharing it with your friends and family.

The website has given a complete how-to download tutorial on its website. We will tell you all the steps of how you can download a movie on 9xFlix.

  • Kindly click on the desired movie you want to download from 9xFlix.
  • Once you have reached the movie page, you can Scroll down. Here you will find video quality download links along with file size.
  • Kindly click on the desired file size or video quality. It will take you to the pop-up window.
  • On the next page, kindly click on the download links button.
  • Now it will give you multiple links to download your desired file. A few of the links might not be working if the movie is older.

Earning Sources of 9xFlix

Even though 9xFlix is an illegal movie and web series download website and they provide all the data without any subscription fee to all the users, this doesn’t mean that 9xFlix is not earning anything.

Legal movie on-demand platforms such as Amazon prime videos, Netflix, Hotstar earn with their subscription plans. But the illegal movie and web series websites such as 9xFlix use low-grade ad publishers.

These low-grade ad publishers do not care about the content of the website. They just want to publish their ad on a website wherever they find profitable.

Legal Alternatives of 9xFlix

Even if we prohibit everyone to not using any illegal movie and web series download websites such as 9xFlix, this does not mean that we don’t want you to watch any movie or web series.

There are many legal alternatives to 9xFlix. You can select one depending on your own interest as all of these are not similar and have different content.


If you are a fan of Hollywood or other famous content, you can select the subscription of Netflix. It is available at just rupees 199 per month in India. Currently, they have one of the biggest Hollywood movie collections worldwide. 

They are also very popular, and you can use Netflix even if you are traveling internationally. There are a few famous web series and movies that are available on Netflix only, such as money heist, the Witcher, etc.

In India, they are also trying to add as many Bollywood movies as possible. Recently they have also added regional movies such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, etc.


If you are a fan of the Indian Premier League, Indian Super League, Marvel, and Pixar movies, you should get a subscription to Hotstar, which is available at 499 per year in India.

Hotstar has one of the biggest collections of Bollywood and regional movies in India. You can also watch all the TV series of star networks. Star network also has rights to all the cricketing matches of the Indian team. Overall, if you are a cricket fan and love Bollywood movies, Hotstar should be the perfect subscription for you.

Zee 5

Zee 5 is also a very popular entertainment-owned demand service in India. You can easily subscribe to Zee 5 at just 499 per year. As per the statistics, currently, they have the second largest collection of Bollywood and regional Indian movies on the platform. You can also watch older TV series of Zee network On the Platform, and just like Netflix, they also have Platform-only web series. 


 9xFlix Is an illegal movie and web series download website. Currently, they have more than 2000 movies and 100 plus web series on the platform. 

Even though it is an illegal website, there are still a few unique features that other platforms do not have. You can use their contacts section to request for any movie, and you can even report if any link is not working. The website claimed to resolve all the issues within 48 hours.

Yes, even general users of the website can fall in trouble as authorities may press charges for being a part of piracy. You are not allowed to download and share these downloaded movies with your friends and family.

How can I download movies from 9xFlix anonymously?

You might come across many tutorials where they would show you how you can easily download movies from websites like 9xFlix anonymously. But, that is not true. Legal authorities such as cybercrime units can trace IP addresses back even from VPN. 
We will advise you not to download any content from these illegal websites. Authorities may press charges against you for downloading illegal content and later sharing it with your friends and family.

Who sponsors websites like 9xFlix?

As you already know that websites like 9xFlix do not charge any subscription fee to the users. Anyone can download any movie or web series for free from 9xFlix. In order to generate income and keep the website up and running, 9xFlix shows many ads on its website. The ad publishers become sponsors and pay 9xFlix the money to keep the website up and running.

What is the safest way to download a movie?

Creators of any movie deal with one or more OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon prime videos, or Hotstar to have the movie on the platform after some time. Once the movie is no longer running in cinemas, you can watch or download it on any of these legal platforms. All of these platforms have a download facility.