9XMOVIES – Download Free Bollywood, Hollywood, South Dubbed Movies 2021/22


9xMovies – In today’s world life has become very fast and we don’t get any time to relax. Even if we get some free time, Other tensions don’t leave us. Everyone needs Some free time so that they can enjoy and relax.

The world has changed so much in the 21st century. Now you Can select any movie of your own interest and start watching it anytime you feel comfortable. There are many OTT platforms available in the world, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, etc.

Even if many platforms are available with unique content, not everyone can get a subscription because of higher pricing. That is why websites like 9Xmovies are growing in popularity each day.


What is 9xMovies?

9Xmovies is an illegal Movie download website. They don’t have any right to provide movies to the public. 

As per their official website, 9Xmovies is the best website to download movies for free of cost. The website has a collection of over 10,000 movies and 500 TV series in full high definition. 

You can easily download all the Indian regional movies along with Hollywood and Bollywood movies. 9Xmovies also has a huge collection of web series and WWE episodes.

You don’t need any subscription or pay anything to download any movie. Everything is available free of cost on the website.

How to Download Movies on 9Xmovies

We don’t encourage anyone to use 9Xmovies to download movies because it is an illegal website.

But you should know how you can download it for educational purposes. Let’s take a look at it.

To download any movie, simply go to the home page of 9Xmovies and click on your desired movie.

On the movie page, kindly click on the download links here button, and then click I’m not a robot.

After that, you have to press the generate link button, and at last, it will show you a few choices of websites from where you can easily download the desired movie.

How 9Xmovies Generate Revenue?

As you already know, 9Xmovies is an illegal website, and they don’t have any right to show any movie on their platform.

So the big question that comes to mind is why are they doing it and how are they generating any revenue to keep the website running.

Other streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon prime videos charge their subscribers a monthly fee, and they generate revenue based on that.

9Xmovies is a completely free website, and they don’t have any subscriptions. They use ads on their website to generate revenue and keep the website up and running.

Why are ad Publishers Encouraging These Websites?

Once you get to know how websites like 9Xmovies are generating revenue, you must be thinking, why do ad publishers encourage websites like 9Xmovies.

Just like any other business, there are two different types of ad publishers, One that focuses on quality and the other that focuses on quantity. 

Websites like 9Xmovies don’t use any quality ad publishers such as Google AdSense. They always focus on smaller ad publishers that focus on the quantity of the traffic.

Is 9Xmovies Legal?

No, websites like 9Xmovies are not legal. 9Xmovies doesn’t have any right to allow people to download any of those movies. 

Other platforms such as Netflix and Amazon prime allow their users to download any of the content uploaded by the platform, but you cannot extract that data in your storage and save it forever.

Other than that, you are not allowed to share downloaded data with anyone. These platforms are legal, and they hold every right to stream movies and web series.

When a publication house creates a movie or web series, it sells the streaming rights to one or more platforms, where these platforms pay a royalty to the original maker. 

But, websites like 9Xmovies, Don’t hold any rights, and they allow users to download the movie rather than stream.

What are The Alternatives of 9Xmovies?

Now let’s talk about the legal alternatives of 9Xmovies. Because using an illegal website might create trouble for you. You don’t want to press charges for downloading a movie.

There are many legal alternatives for 9Xmovies. 


Netflix is one of the best alternatives to 9Xmovies. It has a huge collection of Hollywood Movies and TV series. Currently, you can get a subscription to Netflix at just rupees 149 per month in India. Other than the previous database Netflix constantly adds new movies to their collection on a weekly basis.

Disney Hotstar

Disney Hotstar Is one of the best alternatives for 9Xmovies If you want all the marvel movies and Bollywood movies in one place. Disney Hotstar is the biggest platform in India, and They have an annual subscription of rupees 499.


9Xmovies Is an illegal movie and TV series download website. 9Xmovies is one of the most popular movie download websites. They have more than 10,000 movies in their collection and more than 500 TV series.

You can download Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies, Hollywood TV shows, Bollywood movies, WWE episodes and many regional language movies at no cost. All the Movies and TV series are free to download, and you don’t need any subscription.

Kindly remember that websites like 9Xmovies are illegal in India, and you might get in trouble downloading any content. There are many legal alternatives to 9Xmovies, such as Netflix and Disney Hotstar.

Is 9Xmovies a legal website?

No, 9Xmovies is not a legal version, and you might get in trouble if you use it. You can use other alternatives to download and watch movies such as Netflix and Disney Hotstar.

How much 9Xmovies charge to download any movie?

9Xmovies Is a completely free-to-use website. You can download any movie or web series available on the platform for free of cost. They use ads to cover the expenses and keep the website up and running.

How to download a movie on 9Xmovies?

Downloading a movie on 9Xmovies can be a very tricky business. You might not be able to download any movie on your own using the platform easily. We have provided a four-step guide you can use.