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Filmyzilla – Cheap 4G Internet gave new life to the industry. Before the launch of the Jio network in India, Not many people were using the Internet. Mobile phones and the Internet both were expensive.

Still, Piracy websites were working actively and with or without the knowledge users were illegally downloading songs from these websites. After the launch of the Jio network in India, the piracy industry shifted its focus from song-based websites to movie-based websites. 

Nowadays, international giants in the OTT industry, Such as Netflix, are struggling to survive in India. Because movies and web series are available for free of cost on these piracy websites, a lot of people don’t want to spend any money on the subscription of these legal platforms.

What is Filmyzilla?

Filmyzilla is An illegal Website where you can easily download movies and the latest web series without any subscription. The website has BluRay rip movies which are the highest quality available online. 

Currently, the platform has more than 2000 movies and TV shows of all languages. You can find Hollywood movies dubbed in the Hindi language, Bollywood movies, Bollywood web series, Hollywood web series and other regional movies dubbed in Hindi.


Unique Features of Filmyzilla

Every website has a few unique features, and those unique features attract users. Similarly, Filmyzilla also has a few features in its pocket. 

Easy to Download

Because websites like Filmyzilla don’t have any subscription, they use ads on the website to generate revenue and keep the website up and running. 

That is why you will find it very hard to download any movie or web series from piracy websites. But, it is one of the simplest websites to download any movie or web series. 

In just four clicks, you can download any of your desired movies. It will not take you to any other website or landing page before you download your movie. You will be able to download the movie from the website itself.

Not Stuffed With Advertisement. 

Filmyzilla Is not stuffed with a lot of advertisements, just like any other piracy website. In order to generate more revenue, piracy websites will stuff every place on the website with advertisements.

More advertisements might generate revenue for the website, but it clearly impacts the user experience. Filmyzilla does not do anything like that, and they keep the advertisement at minimum levels.

You will not find more than three advertisements on one page, which is lower than the industry standard.

Huge Library

Filmyzilla currently has one of the biggest libraries of movies. You will find each and every Hollywood movie, Hollywood web series released in the last ten years on the platform.

Other than that, you can also download South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi and Hollywood movies dubbed in the Hindi language.

Filmyzilla also has a collection of Bhojpuri, Telugu, Tamil, and Punjabi movies. If you want to watch any Indian TV show such as a big boss, sa re ga ma pa you will find it on the platform very easily.

Best Video Quality

Generally, piracy websites will not have higher-quality options available for movies. But, at Filmyzilla, you can even find Blu-ray rip movie quality. Blu-ray rip is one of the highest quality available in the market for movies and web series.

Error Reports 

The developers of the website also make sure that along with the best quality videos, the users are also getting the best experience on the website.

If users find any error on the website, then the user can easily report about it using the error report page of the website. You can also contact their official email address to report about anything related to the website.

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Problems with Filmyzilla

Our article is not about praising the Filmyzilla website but providing comprehensive knowledge About the website. Yes, I know the website has so many plus points, such as the highest video quality and huge collection of movies, but it also has a few down points. Let’s talk about them.

Illegal Website

We can say whatever we want to say about the website and its unique features, but we have to accept the fact that the website is not legal at all.

Currently, they have a huge collection of movies which is near about 5000 and Filmyzilla don’t have any right to stream these movies or allow users to download them.

Filmyzilla does not pay anything to the original creators of the website and web series, which is illegal in India.

No Security

The digital world has evolved so much in the last few years. And security has become one of the most important things on any digital platform.

Because Filmyzilla is an illegal website, we cannot trust it. Someone might argue that the developers of Filmyzilla do not steal your data. But, you never know when the advertiser we’ll take you to its own website and steal your sensitive information.

That is why the Government of India does not allow anyone to use illegal websites because you may lose your sensitive information to the wrong person. 

Legal Alternatives of Filmyzilla

Let’s talk about a few legal alternatives to Filmyzilla. You can select one depending on your own interest as all of these alternatives are not similar.


For all the fans of Hollywood or other famous international content, you can select the subscription of Netflix. Currently, Netflix is available at just rupees 199 per month in India. Right now, they have one of the biggest Hollywood movies collection worldwide. 

Netflix is also very popular, and you can use it even if you are traveling abroad. There are many famous web series and movies which are available on Netflix only, such as money heist, the Witcher, etc.

In India, Netflix is trying to add as many Bollywood movies as possible into the platform. Recently they have also added regional movies such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, etc.


Currently, Hotstar has one of the biggest collections of Bollywood and regional movies in India. You can also watch all the TV series of star networks. Star network also has rights to all the cricketing matches of the Indian team. Overall, if you are a cricket fan and love Bollywood movies, Hotstar should be the perfect subscription for you.

If you are a fan of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Indian Super League (ISL), Marvel and Pixar movies, you should get a subscription to Hotstar, which is available at 499 per year in India. It can be the perfect alternative to Filmyzilla.


Zee5 is a very popular entertainment on-demand service in India. You can easily subscribe to Zee5 at just 499 per year. Currently, Zee5 has the second largest collection of Bollywood and regional Indian movies on the platform. If you like, you can also watch older TV series of Zee network On the platform. Similar to Netflix, they also have Platform only web series. 


Filmyzilla is an illegal Website where you can easily download movies and the latest web series without any subscription. The website has BluRay rip movies that are of the highest quality available anywhere. 

It is a very different website with so many unique points, but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any problems. We will advise everyone not to use Filmyzilla because it is an illegal website. 

You can use legal alternatives of Filmyzilla such as Netflix, Amazon prime videos and Hotstar. All of these platforms are available at monthly and yearly subscriptions starting from 149. 

Why does Filmyzilla keep changing its domain?

Filmyzilla Is an illegal website, and the government, along with Internet service providers, keeps taking down these illegal websites every day. That is why Filmyzilla keeps changing its domain name whenever it gets banned. We will advise you to stay away from any illegal website you may fall into deep trouble due to.

Can I request any movie on Filmyzilla?

Yes, you can use the contact us page of the website and request any movie you want. It is up to the developers if they want to add that movie or not. Usually, developers only add famous movies, so do not expect if your movie is not famous for getting added on the platform.

How does Filmyzilla make money?

All illegal websites such as Filmyzilla do not have any subscription to make money out of it. That is why they use many ads on the website, and these ad publishers pay the developers. That is how the developers of Filmyzilla keep the website up and running.