I personally don’t believe in making headlines: Disha Jha | Hindi Movie News

I personally don’t believe in making headlines: Disha Jha | Hindi Movie News

Disha Jha, daughter of filmmaker Prakash Jha and actress Deepti Naval, was recently in Kanpur for the recce of her upcoming movie Konman. We caught up with the young filmmaker where she spoke to us about her movie and her equation with her parents.
Ask her why she chose Kanpur for shooting her movie and she replies, “Kanpur is a city with a rustic feel and this is what we were looking for in our film. During the visit to the city, I went to various locations and really liked what I saw. Apart from Kanpur, we will also be shooting the film in Unnao. The shoot will start from October 7th and actors Aadhyayan Suman and Rajesh Sharma will be playing the lead and important roles in the film.”

With illustrious parents as her, we wonder why she has not been in the limelight for so many years. Ask her the reason and she says, “Both my parents are very down to earth. They always believed that I should focus on my work rather than staying in the limelight. Also while I was growing up, I was out of Mumbai and studying in a boarding school. And I personally don’t believe in making headlines. It’s my work which I want to focus on.”

Disha says it’s her father Prakash Jha who’s been her mentor in Bollywood while mum Deepti has been more like a friend. “Whenever I feel stuck professionally it is my father who comes to my rescue. Being an established filmmaker he knows the ins and outs of the industry and that really helps me professionally. He is aware of all the professional happenings of my life. As far as my bonding with my mother is concerned, we are more like friends. Whenever I am with my mother we generally talk about emotions, travel and art,” says Disha.

Disha was only one year old when her parents separated. Did the separation of her parents present any challenges in front of her. “I was too young when my parents separated but when I grew up I realised that my parents were raising me jointly. The only thing different in my life was that we three were living separately. My father and mother were living in separate houses and I was staying in a boarding school. We used to go on vacations together and we also used to celebrate festivals together. So for me there was no challenge. I was raised just like the way other kids are raised,” says Disha.

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