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Mario Party Drinking Game

Mario Party Drinking Game : Aka the DEVIL’S TRIANGLE!

It’s not just any kind of party, it’s a Super-Gosh-Darn Mario Party ladies and gentlemen! If you enjoy the giggles and some friendly competition while you get drunk. Bust out your favorite version of Mario Party and get everyone in on this awesome drinking game. Super Mario Party hits stores soon and all the drinking game fun can be had once again on Nintendo’s Switch console. 

How to play Mario Party Drinking Game?

Rules: 5 rounds

  • Everyone takes one shot before the game starts.
  • Last place of the beginning dice roll to determine the order has to takes a shot.
  • If you land on a red spot you take a sip of your drink – beer or wine or mix drink.
  • The loser or last place person of each mini game must take a shot. If it’s a tie then everyone takes a shot.
  • If you buy a star u can make anyone you want take a sip.
  • The last place person at the end of the game must Chung their drink.
  • First place of the whole board game – chooses whomever he or she wants to finish their own drink
Mario Party Drinking Game
Mario Party Drinking Game

In my experience of doing this kind of thing, I’d recommend a shot of their DRINK, whether it be beer or wine or mix – not a standard shot of hard alcohol. You’d be surprised just how much is consumed. And if you play enough, fast enough, you’re keeping just under the pace of power hours, depending on the game. BUT hey, that’s just my experience! Enjoy!

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Are there any other Additional Game Rules?

If you end the entire game with coins in the negative, take 1 drink.

Players that lose a Star, take 1 shot.

If 2 players Tie or Draw, both players finish their drink.

​Last 5 Turns – You may be awarded a bonus 5 turns at the end. If you are given this bonus. Decide as a group what the new rule will be. You may also take away a rule if everyone agrees. Usually we make it so the person in last place gets to decide to give them a fighting chance. 

Any tips to win the Mario Party drinking game?

What did you already forget how to pick the winner? You drunk! First place goes to whoever gets the most stars and/or the most coins.

The Game will tell you what place you end up in. 

When the game finishes, drink to these rules:
1st Place – Pick someone to take a shot (you can pick anyone and everyone)
2nd Place – No participation trophies here beyotch. Take 2 drinks!
3rd Place – E for effort? N for no! Drink 3 times.
4th Place – Sucks-2-suck, right? Finish your drink sucka!

Feel free to modify these!

Is there any Rules For Dice Roll?

Depending on what Mario Party drinking game you choose, die rolls will be between 0 through 10, and may contain additional outcomes that are not numbered but instead. Have some sort of affect on the game or player such as losing coins. 

0 – Take 1 drink and 1 shot
1 – Take a shot
2 – 9 – Divide your roll by 2 and take that many drinks (for example: you roll a 9. Divide 9 by 2 and drink 4 and a half times. If you don’t know how to take a half of a drink, you should see a doctor.)
10 or more – Everyone but you drinks

Is there any Alternative Version or Mini Version of Mario Party Drinking Game?

Normal Games – If you lose you drink. If there is a tie, everyone drinks.
2 vs 2 – Losers drink twice 
1 vs 3 – If you lose, each person takes 3 drinks each. That’s a total of 9 drinks! Disperse them among the 3 of you if you need.
VS Battle Game – 1st place doesn’t drink, 2nd place drinks 1 time, 3rd place drinks 2 times, and 4th place drinks 3 times. 
Pity Coin – Any player that does not win money has to take one drink
Duel Game – Loser takes a shot. If both players get a draw, they both must finish their drink. 

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