Microsoft new feature to reduce game loading speed on Windows

Microsoft new feature to reduce game loading speed on Windows

Microsoft has announced that it will soon bring support for the DirectStorage API for Windows Games. This will allow PC games to utilise the full speed of modern NVMe SSDs and significantly reduce the loading times for games. Also Read – Microsoft makes phone calls to Ukraine free through Skype

To recall, the DirectStorage API was first announced back in September 2020 for the Xbox Series X | S consoles, but to date has only been made available to developers to implement to their games for the Xbox Series X | S. Also Read – Xbox looking to host an E3-like gaming event in June 2022: Report

Earlier APIs required games to load assets from a PC’s storage via the use of a single I/O request at a time, requiring each request to be complete before another one could be processed. This process does not utilise new NVMe SSDs completely for their capability of multi-gigabyte read speeds, due to which even with NVMe SSDs you would not get to see a major difference in loading times of games. Moreover, the compressed data assets, which need to be decompressed before loading while playing the games also took a similar time to load. Also Read – How to uninstall Cortana on a Windows PC in a few simple steps

The new DirectStorage API brings access to use multiple I/O processes at a time that too along with the use of decompression technologies. It allows the device to load bigger assets for games at fast speeds. This will help games load much faster as seen in the new Xbox consoles.

According to an earlier report by XDA Developers, the benefits of the new API on PCs with NVMe SSDs will help improve game load times and performance on Windows 10, but Windows 11 users will see more significant results.

In its announcement, Microsoft did not reveal which games will support the feature, but we expect the titles which support the feature on Xbox to do the same for Windows. However, the feature will activate after developers push out an update for the same.

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