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Movies wood
Movies wood

Movies Wood – Entertainment is a universal language. It does not matter whether you understand the language of the movie or not. There is a huge chance that you might enjoy it just because of the music and other moving characters.

Since the launch of the commercial Internet, the entertainment industry has changed a lot. Starting from cinemas only, portable VCR technology nowadays movies are available in just a few clicks from a small device in your pocket.

You can watch any movie using different websites and OTT platforms with the help of an Internet connection. Movies Wood is the prime example of entertainment in your pocket. 

What is Movie Wood?

The Movies Wood Is a regional-based free to use movie download website. You can find any Telugu movie on the platform and download it without any cost. You don’t require any paid subscription plan. With the help of your Internet connection, you can easily download any movie from the website.

Generally, you will find websites with so many languages and content, but Movies Wood it’s a very niche-specific website that only focuses on Telugu content.

You can download any Telugu and Hollywood movie dubbed in the Telugu language from the website without any extra cost than your Internet connection.

Movies Wood it’s not a legal website so kindly be aware while using it. Apart from that, we don’t encourage anyone to use piracy websites. We are covering it just for educational purposes.

Movies wood
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Active links of Movies Wood website

You are already aware of the fact that Movies Wood is not a legal website. That is why Internet service providers, the Government of India and Google search engine keep removing the active links of the website.

The Government of India and Google search engine do not like piracy content in their jurisdiction. That is why they keep banning all the domains and proxies of Movies Wood.

We have collected a few working domains and proxies of Movies Wood. You can click on the link given below and reach the website.

These are the few working domains of the Movies Wood website. You can easily access the platform using one of These domains.

If you are still not able to reach the website, you can comment on the comment box given down below. 

How to access Movies Wood

As you are already aware that Movies Wood is not a legal website. That is why the Government of India, with the help of Internet service providers, keep banning these illegal websites.

Apart from that, Google also does not allow any spammy or illegal website on its platform. As a result of everything, you will not easily find the Movies Wood website on the search page of Google.

You have to use a specific step by step guide in order to reach this website. Kindly remember that we do not encourage anyone to use any legal website. The whole tutorial is just for educational purposes.

  • First of all, you have to download a virtual private network application from the play store or App Store. Commonly it is known as the VPN application.
  • With the help of a VPN application, you can connect to the Internet connection of some other country, for example, the United States of America.
  • Once you have successfully connected with the Internet connection of another country, then you can click on the domain list given above to reach the official website of Movies Wood.
  • Once you have reached the website, you can navigate to any page or category. You can also download any movie you want.

Kindly remember that we have shared this tutorial just for educational purposes. As responsible members of society, we do not encourage anyone to use any of these illegal websites.

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Features of Movies Wood website

Movies Wood has so many features in its pocket. Even though it is a website that is not legal in any manner, still Movies Wood Is trying to add so much value to the life of its users.

Free to use

Usually, you have to pay a premium fee to watch any movie either in the cinema, TV or any other OTT platform. You have to buy a subscription or a ticket to watch any movie.

But, Movies Wood is completely free to use the website. You do not have to pay any subscription or premium just to watch any movie. 

Regional database

Movies Wood’s website is not like any other torrent website. It is a regional website where most of the movies are in Telugu and Tamil language. 

You can watch any regional movies or Bollywood and Hollywood movies dubbed in regional languages. The platform also has a category in which they provide web series in regional languages.

Global access

The website is a micro niche website that focuses on the South Indian region and only has movies and web series in Telugu Tamil, and other local languages.

But, it does not bind anyone to be in the region to use the website. It is a global website, and you can access it from any country in the world. You will not be charged anything extra if you are not from the region. The website is completely free to use for everyone sitting anywhere in the world.

Similar websites like Movies Wood

Movies Wood is not the only torrent based website available on the Internet which provides free to download movies and web series. There are a few other options similar to the Movie Wood.

You can also check out these websites also for educational purposes. These websites are also not legal to use. Apart from that, you should be very careful while using them.

  • TamilRockers
  • MoviesMaza
  • TamilYogi
  • Filmywap
  • JioRockerss
  • Tamilrockers isaimini

These are the few similar websites like Movies Wood. These websites also have free access to movies and web series databases. All of these movies and web series are going to be in regional languages such as Tamil and Telugu.

Legal alternatives of Movies Wood

Till now, we have only talked about illegal websites such as Movies Wood, where you can easily download movies for free of cost. But now, we will talk about the legal alternatives of these websites.

These websites and applications are going to be 100% legit, and you have to pay some premium money to access the premium content. They also have free content, but the latest movies and web series are always going to be paid here.


Sun NXT is one of the very popular alternatives of Movie wood. The application is developed by Sun TV, which is also one of the most popular TV networks in South India.

The application has all the regional Tamil movies. If you are a fan of Tamil movies only then you should use it. But there is a very limited range of Hollywood movies and web series on the platform.

If you are a fan of international websites, you may get disappointed because those web series are not available on the platform.


Hotstar is another popular content application in India. Even though it does not have a huge database of regional movies, just like Sun nxt, Hotstar has a Huge collection of Hollywood movies dubbed in Tamil and Telugu languages. If you are a fan of Hollywood content such as Marvel and Pixar, then you should try Hotstar. 

Apart from these two options, there are Netflix and amazon prime videos. You will not find content available on these platforms at any other platform. You have to buy the specific subscription of Netflix and Amazon Prime to watch content available on these platforms.


No doubt, entertainment is an integral part of our society. And with the help of technology, the entertainment industry is also developing rapidly. Now you don’t need a huge television and VCR set up to watch a movie. You can watch any movie or web series in just a few clicks with your mobile phone.

Websites like Movies Wood are growing day by day because the Internet is getting cheap, and many people want to download movies for free of cost. Movies wood Either regional website has a huge database of Tamil and Telugu movies.

There are many alternatives to this illegal website, and we have covered them in our piece of writing. You have legal and illegal both types of alternatives.

Can I fall in trouble for using Movie wood?

Yes, you may fall in trouble for using the Movies wood website. It is a completely illegal website, and the government may press charges against you for using an illegal website and downloading illegal content.

The Movie wood Website is not working. What should they do?

Many times due to huge traffic and strict guidelines by the government, Movies wood Websites might stop responding. You can wait for a few minutes and then try it again. Kindly remember that it is an illegal website and if you use it, use it at your own risk. We do not encourage anyone to download any content from these websites.