Rajkotupdates.news Games: Garena free fire & pubg India – July 2022

Rajkotupdates.news Games Garena free fire pubg India

rajkotupdates.news games: Garena free fire & pubg India – Mobile games such as free fire and pub G were among the most famous mobile games in India. A few months back, the Government of India banned both of these games, but the lovers of these games are everywhere, and they are trying their best to play these games under any conditions.

Today, we will discuss all the recent dates for Garena free fire and pub G mobile India. If you are also a fan of these games, then you should keep reading our article and find out about all the latest updates regarding these games in India.

Garena free fire & Pubg India We were banned by the Indian government a few months back, and they both have already made a comeback. It is good news, and we are going to discuss everything related to that.

Ban of Pubg 

The Indian government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, banned the use of pub G in India. As most of you know, India does not have good relations with China when it comes to digital technology.

The Indian government does not want any Chinese company to store the data of Indians on their Chinese servers. Most governments around the world will say that Chinese companies do not have any privacy on their data as the Chinese government can ask these companies to provide any data on their servers.

I am keeping that in mind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led’s government banned the use of pub G in India even though pub G is a Korean game, not Chinese.

Now you might ask why did the government ban pubg as it is not a Chinese game but Korean?

Even though the owner of pub G is a Korean company, in India, they were using the servers of a Chinese company. The game and its servers in India and other nearby countries were managed by a Chinese company.

The government offered that India did not like it and banned the game even though it had already made a comeback with Indian servers.

Ban of Garena Free Fire

Similar to pub G, Garena Free Fire was also under a complete ban in India. A few months back, the Government of India announced that they were going to ban the most famous mobile game Garena Free Fire along with 50 other apps in India.

Soon after the announcement, the game was removed from Google Play Store and Android App Store. It was devastating news for all the free-fire lovers in India as the government banned the game.

It was also banned due to similar reasons as the Government of India wanted all of the companies to store The private data of Indians on Indian servers.

Rajkotupdates.news Games: Garena free fire & pubg India
Rajkotupdates. news Games: Garena free fire & pubg India

The comeback of Garena Free Fire and Pubg

After a few months of the ban, both games made a comeback in the Indian market, and they again reclaimed their top status.

As per the official statements released by these companies, they have made all the changes required by the Indian government. To provide services, these games are not going to use any services from Chinese companies.

Apart from that, these companies also made sure that all the data would be saved on Indian servers under any conditions.

If we compare the Indian version of both of the games with international versions, we will see huge differences. For example, the creators of pub G changed the name of kill with elimination.

Apart from that, the creators also changed the colors of bullets being hit on opponents. There are several warnings in the game when you first start using it, and it will also remind you to stop using the game after a few hours of regular use.

Garena free fire and Pub G are both available to download from the official store of Google and Apple App Store.

Download Garena Free Fire and Pubg

As you’re already aware, both of the games have already made a comeback, and now it is very easy to download these games from the official Android App Store and Apple App Store.

Now you don’t have to separately download its data and application file from unreliable sources. You can use the below-given step-by-step tutorial and buttons to directly download these games from their official pages.

  • If you are an Android user and you want to download Garena Free Fire and Pubg, then you can use the above-given buttons.
  • Given respective buttons will take you to the download at the official Android App Store or Google App Store.
  • It is going to be an official source, and you do not have to worry about privacy or viruses from cracked versions.
  • If you are an iPhone user and you want to download any of the above-given games, then you can use the above-given buttons.
  • Similar to Android buttons, these buttons also directly take you to the official Apple App Store.

The above human buttons contain original links from the official App stores. You do not have to worry about any piracy or virus from cracked versions. You can download the game without any worries.

Can I use Garena Free Fire and Pubg India while living abroad?

No, both of the companies do not allow anyone to use their games while you are not living in India. Both games will only work while you are in India on Indian IP addresses. At the same time, these games do not have any out-of-India server settings. Even if you change the server setting, then you have to wait for at least one month to change them back.

What about my data in old games?

Then the new games were launched by both companies. They also make sure that you get your old data back in new games. To get your old data back, you just have to simply log in to your previous credentials or account in the new game. It is completely safe with Indian servers, and you can log in without anybody.