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Tamilrockers 2020 – As the prices of each and every necessary thing are rising every day, it is becoming harder for a layman to survive. Entertainment is also an integral part of the life of a human.

But the entertainment industry has changed so much in the last few years. Nowadays, nobody wants to wait or make time from their busy schedule to watch anything for entertainment. That is why on-demand entertainment platforms are rising in popularity.

Nowadays, you can easily purchase a subscription to an on-demand entertainment platform and watch movies or web series whenever you feel comfortable. You can use the Internet or cable network for this service.

But due to the rising prices of each and everything, many people are not comfortable purchasing a subscription to any on-demand entertainment platform. That is why websites like Tamilrockers 2020 are gaining popularity.

What is Tamilrockers 2020?

Tamilrockers 2020 Is an illegal piracy website. As per the website, you can easily download or watch more than 10,000 movies and 1000 TV shows on the website.

You can get every latest movie or web series from Hollywood, Bollywood, or other regional industries. You will even find platform only movies and TV series on Tamilrockers 2020, such as the wheel of time, which is an exclusive web series by Amazon prime video.

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Features of Tamilrockers 2020

Even though Tamilrockers 2020 is an illegal piracy website that pays movies to download free of cost, it still offers a lot of features.

Latest movies

Tamilrockers 2020 has one of the biggest movie collections in the Tamil language. You can easily find the latest movies in the Tamil language on Tamilrockers 2020. The website has created different categories for each language and region. You can find movies based on tags such as Bollywood movies, Telugu movies, Tamil movies, or Netflix series.

Old movies

Tamilrockers 2020 Has one of the biggest collections of Tamil movies, and Tamil dubbed movies. You can find movies as old as ten years. If we compare it with any other Telugu language movie website, it is the biggest one.

TV series

Tamilrockers 2020 has a different section for just TV series or web series. You can find the latest web series such as money heist, the Witcher, which are exclusively available on Netflix. Other than that, you can also find the time of the wheel, which is exclusively available on Amazon prime videos.

How to download movies on Tamilrockers 2020

As responsible members of society, we do not encourage anyone to use any illegal website and download any illegal content. 

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For educational purposes, we will tell you how you can download any movie on Tamilrockers 2020. Let’s take a look at our step-by-step guide.

  • Kindly click on the movie you want to download.
  • Once you are at the movie page, Scroll down till you see the share on Facebook buttons.
  • Right above the share buttons, you will find a link saying download. Kindly click on that.
  • It will take you to the next page, where you have to wait for 20 seconds till the next button appears.
  • Once you have waited for 20 seconds, a new button will appear named get the link. Kindly click on that.
  • On the next page, it will show you all the qualities available for that specific movie. Generally, Tamilrockers 2020 have up to 720P video quality, But you can also select 480P if you don’t want to spend much data.

Is Tamilrockers 2020 legal to use?

No, Tamilrockers 2020 is not a legal website to use. The website has many movies on its platform, but they don’t have any rights to allow users to download that movie. It is an illegal practice.

Other entertainment platforms such as Zee5, Alt Balaji, Netflix, Amazon prime video are legal, and they share revenue with the original creators of the movies or tv series. Where websites like Tamilrockers 2020 solely work for their own profit.

Even users of these websites might fall in trouble for downloading the content and then later sharing it. Police may press charges against the users also.

How will the Tamilrockers 2020 website earn?

As you already know, Tamilrockers 2020 is an illegal website, and they don’t hold any right to the content they have on their website.

Usually, legal platforms such as Netflix, Amazon prime videos, Alt Balaji, have monthly subscription plans and these platforms earn from that subscription money. 

But Tamilrockers 2020 don’t have any subscription, and anyone can download any content available on the website without any cost. 

Even though users might find it very beneficial, the original content creator is not getting any revenue out of it, and the whole system is illegal. 

Creators of the Tamilrockers 2020 website show many ads on its website, and they earn from these ads. These ad publishers pay the owners of Tamilrockers 2020 to keep the website up and running.

What are the alternatives of Tamilrockers 2020?

Tamilrockers 2020 Is an illegal website, and users of the website may fall in trouble as the police might press charges against the user for downloading illegal content and later sharing it. 

Nobody wants to get in trouble just to save a few bucks a month. There are many legal alternatives for the Tamilrockers 2020 website. You can easily get a subscription to these platforms and enjoy the content without any fear.


Netflix is the world’s biggest movies-on-demand platform. Currently, they have more than 10,000 movies and 1000 web series in their archive. In India, you can easily subscribe to Netflix for just rupees 149 a month. Even at the basic subscription, you can enjoy all the content available on the platform.


Disney Hotstar is one of the biggest content on-demand platforms in India. Currently, they hold one of the largest collections of Indian Bollywood and regional movies. You can even watch live TV channels of star groups. You can enjoy a Disney hot star with just rupees 449 per year. 

If you are a lover of Marvel and Pixar movies in Hindi, you should get a subscription to Disney hot star. They have all the movies of marvel and Pixar.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a subsidiary of Amazon.com. You get a free subscription to Amazon prime video along with your Amazon prime. Because it is available for free of cost along with your Amazon Prime subscription, this doesn’t mean that Amazon Prime Video does not have any collection of movies. Currently, they are trying to add as many new movies as possible.

Zee 5

Zee 5 Is the second biggest entertainment on-demand platform in India. They currently hold the second largest collection of Indian regional and Bollywood movies. You can also watch all the TV shows of the Zee network on the platform. Currently, you can subscribe to the platform with just rupees 499 per year.


Tamilrockers 2020 Is an illegal website, and you may fall in trouble if you are an active user of the website. The police may press charges against you for downloading the illegal content and then later sharing it with even your friends.

Even though Tamilrockers 2020 has one of the biggest collections of Tamil movies, you should not use the website because all of these movies are illegal.

If you want to watch any movie or web series legally, you should use the alternatives of Tamilrockers 2020, such as Netflix, Amazon prime videos, Hotstar etc.

Does Tamilrockers 2020 website earn money?

Yes, Tamilrockers 2020 website does make money. Even though the website doesn’t have any subscription plan, Like other legal entertainment platforms, general users Can download any movie without any cost. But they show many ads on their website, and these ad publishers pay them.

Can I get in trouble for using Tamilrockers 2020?

Yes, You might get in trouble for using an illegal website such as Tamilrockers 2020. As you already know, that website takes part in piracy which is illegal in India. Police may press charges against you for downloading the illegal data and later sharing it even with your friends.

Is there any alternative available for Tamilrockers 2020?

Yes, there are many alternatives available for Tamilrockers 2020. You can easily get an annual or monthly subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar or Zee5. 
In our expert opinion, if you are a lover of regional and Bollywood movies, you should get Hotstar Which is available at just 499 per year. On the other hand, if you are a lover of Hollywood movies, you should get a subscription to Netflix.