Which is the best relationship in the world

Which is the best relationship in the world Who is the best relationship in the world

Which is the best relationship in the world, If you ask me, without waiting a second I’ll say, The relationship you have with yourself.

Which is the best relationship in the worldWho is the best relationship in the world

Not the one where you are pretending to be something you are not when you are around people, but the one you have when you are alone. Do you know what matters the most to you and your self-development? The things you tell yourself when nobody is around, the lies, the truths, the secrets. Your relationship with yourself is defined by those unsaid truths and lies you tell yourself, Those moments decide how self-aware, self-informed person you are and what amount of self-love you carry in yourself. In the end, it all comes down to that.

Which is the best relationship in the world

There is this saying that goes on like,” To love someone wholeheartedly and make it work, you gotta love yourself first”. I probably just made that up but you get what I’m saying, right? You enter into a relationship because you need love, little do you know, every time you are doing that, you are moving one step away from the road of self-love and awareness.

Who is the best relationship in the world

You can’t just go around expecting love from people around you to fill up your jar unless you probably can, as everybody is doing it but that’s not the right way, it was never the right way, trust me. Just because so many people are doing the same thing at once doesn’t mean they are right or what they are doing is right, it’s not.

Self-love and relationship with self is a very vast topic where I can go on and on the whole day, but I will just stop, but after talking about some of the very important aspects of the relationship with self.

The ones that are the most important are, which will make a 360 degrees shift in your life and how you see the world if you will experience the following:

Self Awareness

The one that is the most important and that plays a crucial role in your growth, with which you will only go forward in life and never backward.

But before that, there are thousand percent chances you don’t know what self-awareness is so let me tell you.  Self-awareness is a lifetime process that keeps going on and is not an easy one, What self-awareness really means to me is where you know what you are doing, you know the purpose behind what you are doing, and your actions are always guided.

Self-awareness is when you don’t let people decide what you want to do and what not, when your authority is in your hands and not in what people think about you, when you live your life on your terms and not to satisfy anybody, because if you are always taking all the decisions, affecting yours every action thinking if the people around you will validate your actions or not if that’s what you are doing then tell me? Is that life even yours? Because from where I’m sitting it seems like it’s the life of all the people who you are letting affect your decision.

Self-awareness is most importantly about taking authority over your actions and decisions, knowing what you are, and embracing every tiny piece of what is inside you. This is the purest and the rawest form of self-love and self-awareness.

Self love

For this one let me ask you a question when you see yourself in the mirror do you like what you see? Most of us don’t. And you know what, this is not what self-love is about, it’s not about loving every single inch of your body and your soul and your mind, it’s not.

Whoever told you self-love is about loving yourself as a whole, he/she was wrong. When you love someone, do you love everything about them? Their personality? Their behavior? The way they see themselves or the world?  We don’t right (if we do not include the honeymoon period), then why do we choose to stay? Because we accept them with their faults, with all the ugliness and chaos inside them along with all the beauty.

Likewise, you don’t have to love the imperfections and ugliness inside you to love yourself, you just have to accept it, you just have to embrace it.

That is the beauty of self-love, all it wants is acceptance and nothing else, just like any other love.


Relax, we have got you covered, the easiest way to be aware is to READ and the fastest way to self-awareness is reading and writing both, to say the least.

It’s not like you have to be an author or a literature master to be self-aware, All you need is a pen and paper. Start journalizing. Write daily. And all you will notice will be the difference.

But the most proven and which I love is quite a different concept of writing i.e. freewriting.


No, it’s not about writing for people for free. In freewriting you write for yourself, you take a pen and a paper and start writing and you write nonstop. Doesn’t matter if you write rubbish, but you don’t stop the pen until nothing is coming in your mind, you are free to talk about your grocery shopping, your favorite k-drama character, and even about how many times you skipped the bath this week, or intense stuff like how you feel and what’s been taking a toll over your mental health lately, it can be anything, but you can’t stop that is the condition.

When you write without giving your brain any chance to think, secrets are gonna spill, Trust me when I say this, but sometimes when I read the free write I did I was shocked that I was unaware of some of the stuff that was going inside my mind.

And then there is meditation, obviously to take you out of everything you are going through. It just takes time and a lot of patience.

On that note, I want to wish you a very successful and happy self-awareness and self-love journey. I hope you reach there.

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