You can now install Windows on your Steam Deck

Finally! You can install Windows on your Steam Deck

Valve has announced that it is releasing Windows drivers for its Steam Deck portable gaming console. This is big news, as with this, Steam Deck owners can now install Windows on their consoles and use the device as a portable personal computer. However, the drivers the company is releasing are meant for Windows 10 and not for the latest Windows 11 operating system. Also Read – Studio Display will work with Windows PCs, but Apple being Apple limits what it can do

The company has already released Windows 10 drivers for the GPU, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. It has announced that it is currently working on audio drivers with AMD. This means you can currently install Windows 10 on your Steam Deck, but will not be getting audio output via the speakers or the 3.5mm headphone jack. However, users can still connect external speakers, headphones via Bluetooth and or via USB. Also Read – Microsoft finally brings a new video editor to Windows, but it costs more than Adobe Premiere Pro

Valve has also announced that it is also working with AMD on Windows 11 drivers, which will be rolled out later with a BIOS update that will enable the fTPM support, which is mandatory for Windows 11. It is also working on bringing support for dual-booting, which will be rolled out later this year. Currently, if users want to install Windows on their Steam Deck, they will have to replace the existing SteamOS, and vice-versa if they want to go back. Also Read – MWC 2022: Realme Book Prime launched with 11th-Gen Intel processor, 16GB RAM

Due to Steam Deck being an x86 based PC, you can on paper install any desktop operating system. However, full functionality will still require native driver support. The device comes pre-installed with Valve’s SteamOS which comes with support for the Proton emulator to run Windows games, which are available on the Steam store.

SteamOS currently does not support all games on the Steam store, nor does it support installing games from other sources. Due to this having the option to switch to Windows is a welcomed change.

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